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OSA : OS_Task_Create

OS_Task_Create (priority, TaskName)

Not allowed in interrupt

Create task. After creation, the task will be added to the list of active tasks.

For CCS users: Compiler should be informed that TaskName will be called indirectly by using the service OS_Task_Define in main().

For mikroC users: All function-tasks should be defined with the #pragma fncall directive, e.g.:

#pragma fncall main MyTask
void MyTask (void)

Call allowed:

Not in interrupt


priority Task priority. Allowed values from 0 (highest) to 7 (lowest).
TaskName Name of C-function to be used as task


bError If there is no free descriptor to create task then OS_IsError will return true


void Task1 (void)
    for (;;) OS_Yield();
void Task2 (void)
    for (;;) OS_Yield();
void main (void)
    OS_Task_Create(1, Task1);    // Create task Task1 with priority 1
    OS_Task_Create(5, Task2);    // Create task Task2 with priority 5

Old style name


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