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OSA : OS_Dtimer_IsRun

bool OS_Dtimer_IsRun (dtimer)

Check if dynamic timer is running.

OS_ENABLE_DTIMERS constant must be defined in OSAcfg.h. Size of dynamic timers is set by OS_DTIMER_SIZE constant

Call allowed:



dtimer Descriptor of dynamic timer. Variable of OST_DTIMER type. Contains timer counter, timer state flags and pointer to next timer in list. For PIC16, can only be allocated in bank0 or bank1


false timer is stopped or paused
true timer is running


OST_DTIMER dtimer;
void Task (void)
    for (;;) {
        if (!OS_Dtimer_IsRun(dtimer))     // if timer is not running
            OS_Dtimer_Run(dtimer, 100);   // then run it

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