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OSA : OS_Dtimer_Get

_OST_DTIMER OS_Dtimer_Get (dtimer)

Get dynamic timer's remaining time. Before calling this service you should do one of these things:

  • disable interrupts
  • enter critical section
  • stop timer with OS_Dtimer_Stop service

Otherwise the timer's value can be changed in an interrupt while reading.

OS_ENABLE_DTIMERS constant must be defined in OSAcfg.h. Size of dynamic timers is set by OS_DTIMER_SIZE constant

Call allowed:



dtimer Descriptor of dynamic timer. Variable of OST_DTIMER type. Contains timer counter, timer state flags and pointer to next timer in list. For PIC16, can only be allocated in bank0 or bank1


_OST_DTIMER integer value of remaining time (in system ticks)


OST_DTIMER dtimer;
void Task (void)
    for (;;) {
        if (OS_Dtimer_Get(dtimer) < 10)  // Flash green led if less
            GREEN_LED = 1;               // than ten ticks remain

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