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OSA : OS_Squeue_Wait

OS_Squeue_Wait (squeue, os_smsg_type_var)

Allowed only in taskSwitches context

Wait for simple message from queue.

OS_ENABLE_SQUEUE constant must be defined in OSAcfg.h.

For PIC16, message queues can be allocated only in bank0 or bank1

Call allowed:

Only in task


squeue Queue of simple messages descriptor. Variable of OST_SQUEUE type.
os_smsg_type_var Variable of OST_SMSG type, where simple message will be placed




OST_SQUEUE squeue;
void Task (void)
    OST_SMSG smsg;
    for (;;) {
        OS_Squeue_Wait(squeue, smsg);  // Wait for simple message and store
                                       // it into smsg

Old style name


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