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OSA : OS_Csem_Check

bool OS_Csem_Check (csem)
bool OS_Csem_Check_I (csem)

Check if csem's value is non-zero.

OS_ENABLE_CSEM constant must be defined in OSAcfg.h. Size of counting semaphores is defined by OS_CSEM_SIZE constant

For PIC16, counting semaphores can only be allocated in bank0 or bank1

Call allowed:


csem Counting semaphore. Variable of OST_CSEM type


false csem is zero
true csem in not zero


OST_CSEM csem;
void Task (void)
    for (;;) {
        if (OS_Csem_Check (csem)) {     // if semaphore is set
            OS_Csem_Accept(csem);       // then accept it

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